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For your worksites

Check the attendance of your workers on the worksite

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Get a precise picture of attendance on your worksites

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MobiTime provides a complete view of your workers present
on each of your worksites on a map at all times.


  • Entries and exits
  • Arrival and departure times
  • The precise number of workers according to your worksites
  • Position your clocks on each site, with a built-gps
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Programme monitoring alerts

You want to monitor the arrivals and departures of a worker in particular, a team, or all the workers at one of your worksites? Nothing could be more simple! Programme instant monitoring alerts yourself and receive that information by sms or e-mail.

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Generate professional reports

Create attendance sheets and other activity reports for your workers, worksites or even subcontractors with just a few clicks. You can then export this information in CSV or PDF format, or receive it automatically in your e-mail box on a stipulated date and time.

  • Optimise your human resources management.
  • Gain time by simplifying your administrative procedures.
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Analyse your activities

Your attendance data are kept for up to 5 years. This historical record is the ideal tool for keeping track of your company’s progress and optimising the way it operates.

You are compliant with the legislation

Since 1 April 2014, companies in the construction sector are required to record the attendance of workers employed on worksites for a minimum amount of €800,000.

The MobiTime clock helps you to comply with this legislation in a very simple manner.


Upon arrival at your worksite, your workers are identified on the MobiTime clock. The attendance data of the worksites concerned by this law are sent automatically to the ONSS [Social Security Office], which is in charge of processing them.

  • Save time by taking advantage of automated attendance data
  • Simplify your administrative management
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MobiTime is also compatible with Construbadge!

As of 1 October, workers in the construction sector have to wear an identification badge, known as construbadge, during their working hours.
MobiTime is already compatible with this badge, which may thus be used by your workers to record their attendance.