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Discover the MobiTime clock.

The ideal solution to supervise the attendance and the activity of your employees.

accès web Facilité Pointeuse bimodale robustesse
Web access Ease of use Bimodal time clock Robustness
No software has to be installed. You access the attendance data of your employees in real time from your PC, smartphone or tablet. MobiTime is easy to use as well as to implement in your company. You choose the most suitable punching method for your company: by badge or by biometric fingerprint. Highly resistant, the MobiTime clock is particularly adapted to difficult working environments.

For your worksites

Check the attendance of your workers on the worksite

équipes mobiles picto

For your mobile team

Supervise the activity of your itinerant workforce from a distance

picto Suivi de fournitures

To monitor your supplies

Optimize the management of your stock of supplies.